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Antique Glass Restoration

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When restoring an antique car or truck you can have the best running engine and the neatest looking machine in the neighborhood. But if the glass is damaged or missing you really cannot drive it.

We consider glass as a very important part of your car's restoration. Whether you use it as a daily driver or you're a competitive show car enthusiast, the proper glass in antique vehicles gives it the final touch.

At American Restorations Unlimited we've divided our antique glass category into four separate listings.

Classic Car

  1. Flat Glass - Laminated & Tempered 1920-1965
  2. Curved or Bent - 1948-1990's
  3. Dash-Glass - Flat/Dial Restoration 1939-1950
  4. T-Tops - 1973-1990's

Now you can navigate through each category to inquire exactly what you vehicle needs to put it back on the road.

Flat Glass

We will produce your flat glass order from original glass patterns, starting with pattern #1. These hold true for most vehicles built here in the United States from 1920 to the 60's. These are based on listings in the NAGS directories.

Flat glass in the early years was laminated safety glass and as you drift into the 60's and 70's glass can be both laminated safety glass or tempered glass.


Mde with Pride by Americans



At this time we are limited to certain models and styles. Contact us for availability of make, model and year.

Corvette * Camaro * Mustang

Curved Glass

Red CorvetteThere are many antique vehicles that are now very rare, and therefore the curved glass that is available will always be in short supply. Whether it is reproduced or NOS. The glass manufacturers who make this glass are not going to reproduce glass for vehicles that are few in number. So be advised he who hesitates may not get that glass he always wanted.

Dash Glass

We offer authentic reproduction flat dash glass (as well as dial and gauge restoration) from the 1930's - 1951

So if your classic is an...

Auburn - Buick - Cadillac/LaSalle - Chevrolet - Chrysler - Desoto - Dodge - Ford - Hudson - Mercury - Oldsmobile Packard - Plymouth - Pontiac - Studebaker - Willys

Before and after dash gauges

Before and after speedometers

Give us a call and we can supply you with the very best dash glass and totally restore all your dials and gauges on your dashboard.


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Payment Policy

T-Tops 1973-1995

We can supply T-Tops for any vehicle that originally came with this option.

Camaro - Corvette - Cutlas - Chrysler Cordoba/Mirada - Firebird
Grand Prix - Monte Carlo - Mustang - Nissan 280 & 300 - Buick Regal

Manufacturers (Both factory installed and aftermarket):

Cars & Concepts - Hurst - American - Fisher

We also offer accessories T-locks 1968-1990, storage bags, T-Top shades and Sunroofs for all makes and models.

These products are for vehicles no longer in production. Supplies can be limited and therefore may not be available in the future. Because of this prices and availability can change without notice.

New Service

Manufacturers Rep: Now offering new acrylic Corvette roof panels with all G.M. parts for 1984-1992 models. The factory roof is available for replacement or repairing of a broken roof panel.

We also offer a repair program for the restoring of sunroof track assemblies that have been damaged by air bag deployments. The repair program covers 1996 to 2000 Saturn S Series vehicles and 1995 to 1999 Chevrolet Lumina and Monte Carlo automobiles. They may not be antiques yet, but are truly classics vehicles by our standards.