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We're a Supplier of Transmission Kits, Hard Parts & Rebuilding Capabilities

Our company can supply the Auto Body Shops as well as individuals. We offer a full range of services. For Standard, Automatic and Fluid-Drive Transmissions.

Automatic Transmissions (1940's - 1990's)

Typical Automatic Transmission
Typical Automatic Transmission


We offer four levels of automatic transmission kits.

Master Overhaul Kit

  • Gaskets
  • Rubber Lip Seals
  • Rubber "O" Rings
  • Metal Sealing Rings
  • Friction ( Lined) Clutches
  • Steel Clutches
  • Front Pump Seal
  • Extension Housing Seal

Less Steel Kit
This kit contains all of the above without the Steel Clutches

Gasket,Rubber,Rings , Oil Seal Kit
Same as Master Overhaul Kit without the Friction (Lined) clutches and Steel Clutches.

External Seal Up Kit... This kit is used only to stop external leaks

  • Front Pump Seal
  • Extention Housing Seal
  • Selector & TV Seal
  • External Gaskets
  • Converter Gasket or "O" Ring

Note: Non-Wearing Sealing Rings... These will not be found in all if the kits. If they are requested there will an additional cost added to the kit. Suppling Metal Sealing Rings in popular or short sets. That refers to those not be included in all kits. Prices are subject to change without notice and we always require that you call for pricing.

Standard Transmissions

Typical Standard Transmission
Typical Vintage Transmission


Suppling a full line of Kits and hard parts for your standard transmission from the Mid-1920’s – 1990’s for most classic American cars and trucks.

Please inquire about the full line of kits we offer:

  • Gasket & Seal-up Kits
  • Ball Bearing Kits
  • Bushing Kits
  • Small Parts Kits
A full inventory of NOS and good to excellent hard parts:
  • Gears
  • Cluster Gears
  • Shafts
  • Ring Gears
  • Synchro Assembly’s & More

Transmission Rebuilding

We offer a complete rebuilding service for most vintage vehicles. Including Standard, Automatic, Fluid Drive, and Diesel Transmissions. We provide repointing of worn gears, manufacturing of shafts and rebuilding of syncros. We don't just repair... We rebuild. Ship in your Transmission, Automatic or Standard and have our experienced technicians rebuild it for you.


As time progresses our inventories of hard parts for replacement in your transmissions are getting scarce, especially NOS parts. Whether its gears, shafts or synchro assemblies, but you have an alternative. We can remanufacture gears and shafts or rebuild your synchro assembly’s

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