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We consider glass a very important part of your vehicles restoration.

Whether your car and truck are used as your daily drivers or you are a competitive show enthusiast. The correct glass in an antique vehicle is the final touch.

At American Restorations Unlimited we’ve divided our glass into separate specific categories.

  • Flat Glass - Auto Safety Laminated & Tempered. 1920’s -1965
  • Curved Glass - Classic & Complex Curved Windshields. 1948-1990's
  • Windscreens - European Vintage Car Windscreens Made in Europe. Years Vary.
  • Side Sets & Back-Glass - For Classic Muscle Cars. Models & Years Vary.

Flat Glass

Flat Glass for Classic Vehicle
All Flat Glass is made to order using original patterns. We can produce your flat glass using Auto Safety Laminated Glass and cut from original patterns. Starting with pattern #1. This holds true for most vehicles’ built in the U.S.. Using patterns listed in the NAGS directory of American Car Manufacturers.

Flat Glass is available in clear or standard green tint.

Curved Glass

Curved Glass for Classic Vehicle
Classic curved and complex curved glass. The 1960’s most vehicles started with the inception of being equiped with curved glass, which is common in all vehicles. We can offer the consumer a wide spectrum of glass from the major Amercan car manufactures of that era. Offering standard green tint,tint shaded for windshields and occassioally clear glass.

We can now offer Curved Glass made in North America. At this time we are limited to certain years and models.


Windscreens for European Vehicle
We now can supply new Windscreens for many European Cars. This glass is manufactured by European Glass Companies in limited quantities. The majority of these windscreens are tinted or tinted with darker band across the top. Available for Mercedes Benz, Alfa Romeo, Aston Martin, Rolls Royce, Jaguar and more.

Order while we have them in stock, and always inquiry about availability and current prices.

Side Sets & Back-Glass

Side Sets & Back Glass for Classic Vehicles
Made in North America We now can offering in limited years and models for most American Muscle Cars. Curved Side sets and Back-Glass in standard green tint. Corvette, Camaro and Mustang. Made in the U.S.A.

Logo & Date Codes with a working agreement with companies authorized to place logos and date codes on your glass.

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