Our Policies

Doing Business with American Restorations Unlimited, ta.

Purchasing and Payment Policies

All orders are paid in full before shipment is released. No Exceptations. All products must be inspected upon receiving said order for accuracy as per your information invoiced. You have 24 Hours to notify Customer Service of any discrepancies. Should you not to comply with these terms, you forefoot a refund. All unauthorized returns will receive a company credit on your next order. All returns shall be assessed a gross 18% restocking fee in USD.

Placing Orders for Export
The purchaser is the importer of record. If you are an offshore company or individual and wish to purchase any of the products we offer for sale, then there are rules that we require you to adhere to.

  1. All purchases are always in USD
  2. Payments are accepted as an Electronic Wire Transfer of funds into our bank account or payments through Western Union, before any order is initiated and or shipped.
  3. All domestic purchases whose final designation is offshore, the above applies.
  4. There are NO exceptions.
If you agree to these terms you may place an order and you will receive detailed payment terms and conditions when ordering said products.

NOTE: Due to several instances when payments were illegally made we no longer accept credit card transactions.

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