Our History

Proudly Celebrating Over 25 Years In Business.

American Restorations Unlimited, TA started way back in 1985 with the express purpose of supplying restoration parts for cars and trucks made in the United States. As the company matured we focused our efforts on three specific categories: Auto Glass, Transmissions and Engine Parts.

If any one of these areas of the vehicle are not repaired, replaced or put in operating condition, your vehicle cannot be driven. And who wants that?

Chrysler International 300 Club
We have been members of the Chrysler International 300 Club for over a decade.
Therefore, as our motto reads, "We Keep Legends On The Road" and have been for over 25 years. Our mission is to keep the longest love affair in this country going - and that is with the Classic American Automobile.

Robert Hager, the proprietor of American Restorations Unlimited says, "When you contact us for assistance to get your legend back on the road. I personally guarantee that we will always call you back and try to offer you what you need."

As a person who understands the passion you have for your classic car or antique truck, we never want to see your first love being towed away to some dark garage. So in order to make sure it never happens to you, we offer some of the finest NOS or reproductions glass, hard to find antique transmission parts and those difficult "I cannot locate" engine components along with gas tank restoration.

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