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Transmission Rebuilder & Supplier

Just purchased a "Golden Oldy", backed your antique car out of the garage and it won't shift or suddenly she has no guts when you hit the pedal? I think it's time you contact us at American Restorations Unlimited. Our company can put your legend back on the road. We can either rebuild your transmission or supply you with the hard parts and kits for your antique car restoration project. We will sell you one gasket or perform a total rebuild, because we are here to help you.

We offer a series of restoration kits for these years, depending on the type of repair you are going to perform on your transmission.

Authentic Mercedes Benz Transmissions Parts...


classic carMaster Overhaul Kit:

  • Gaskets, Friction Clutches
  • Rubber Seals, Steel Clutches
  • Rubber "O" Rings, Front Pump Seal
  • Metal Sealing Rings, Extension Housing Seal

Less Steel Kit:

  • All above items... without the Steel Clutches.

Gasket, Rubber, Rings & Oil Seal Kit:

  • Same as Master Kit, (M.O.K.). but without Steel Clutches and Friction Clutches

External Seal-Up Kit: (Stops External Leaks Only)

  • Front Pump Seal, External Gaskets
  • Extension hsg. Seal, Converter Gasket
  • Selector & T.V. Seal, or "O" Ring

Please Note: There are sealing rings supplied in some kits, which can wear-out and have to be replaced. There will be metal sealing rings that are non-wearing, those will not be included. If you specify these, we will add them to your kit for a nominal fee. Every antique transmission is different and we attempt to service you with the utmost concern so you can get back on the road.

We also stock a complete inventory of Hard Parts for most Automatic Transmissions, starting with the 1940's and through the early 80's.

Pumps - Drums - Bands - Bushings - Gears - Shafts

Our inventory is stocked with parts for every American car and truck ever built in those years, and most of our parts are new/old stock, "NOS", or excellent used.

Standard Transmissions

We can supply most Hard Parts for antique transmissions starting with those built in the 1930's and go up into the 1980's. At American Restorations Unlimited we also custom make our own small part kits, which contain thrust washers, roller bearings, blockers rings and any-other parts for a specific transmission.

Parts such as:

Cluster Gears - Bearings - Bushings - Drums - Gaskets - Gears - Seals
Shafts - Synchronizers - Thrust Washers . . . and more.


Typical Standard Transmission

typical standard transmission

1. Clutch Gear Bearing Retainer
2. Clutch Gear Bearing
3. Clutch Gear
4. Synchronizer Ring
5. Synchronizer Drum
6. First&Reverse Sliding Gear
7. Reverse Idler Gear
8. Second Speed Gear
9. Mainshaft Rear Bearing

10. Speedometer Drive Gear Spacer
11. Speedometer Drive Gear
12. Universal Joint Spacer Shifter Fork
13. Mainshaft
14. Transmission Case
15. Rear Bearing Support bushing
16. Rear Bearing Support
17. Second and third Shifter Fork

18. Detent Spring
19. Detent Ball
20. 1st&Rev.
21. Interlockret
22. Side cover
23. Seal
24. 2nd/3rd shifter fork
25. 1st rev shifter fork

Rebuilding Service

As time progresses many parts have become hard to find for your vehicles. We have prided ourselves in offering the majority of hard parts in NOS or excellent condition. However they are getting very rare. Our company does not want to disappoint you.  So we have expanded our manufacturing facilities to manufacture many of these transmission parts here at our facility.

Additional Capabilities:

For example if the GEAR or SHAFT is no longer available, we can remanufacture these Parts right here in the U.S.A. as well a stamping many of the gaskets you require, even snap rings and an assortment other items as well.

For quotes and parts availability
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